This sweet bulldog mix needs a home

 Priya (formerly Robin) is a 2 year old female Bulldog Mix, Spayed  and up to date on vaccinations.  Priya is very sweet and very energetic. She loves to chase tennis balls in the yard and go on long walks. She is working on her training and will do best with a strong leader.  Once she is exercised, she is able to focus and responds very well to training.  She is one smart gal! She is crate trained and usually does not whine or bark, only when she hears a knock at the door. She does well playing with other dogs as long as she is introduced to them properly.  She is friendly with cats and usually tries to play with them. She does not jump on people and prefers to lean on them to show affection. She's just a big lap dog that wants to play!  In Foster Care, for more information please email


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